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Ocean Surface Waves: Science and Art

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“Waves in Ice” goes live

I’ve finally published my log from my recent trip to the Arctic called Waves in Ice. It is full of pictures and videos and there is an extensive “extra features” section at the end. If you have not read it, and you have and hour to kill, please check out and let me know what you think.

1st Post

I call this my first post but actually I have been doing this for quite a while. In high school, and again in college, I coded my own personal webpages. After college I had a blogspot page which I posted on semi-regularly and can still be dug out of the dust if I am ever needing a good ol’ cringe. I did just that only a few moments ago and much to my surprise I discovered an additional two blogs. One about college shenanigans that was supposed to be a group effort but began and ended with my first post. The 3rd was (is?) called Ocean Surface Science and is perhaps close to what I will be doing here. I may even move a few posts over. Since it’s inception in 2012 it has amassed a whopping 98 views, most of which were probably me.

This is my mission: to deliver excellent content related to my passion: science and art of ocean waves. This blog will, in part, facilitate this mission, but I have many other ideas in the works. Hope to get it to you soon. ~TWG

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